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Title: Kengarden Roots tour 2012
Post by: BKA on 20 June, 2012, 14:41:03
We love the photo at the top of ( . Looks like it was all a big success. Any stories, guys?
Title: Re: Kengarden Roots tour 2012
Post by: AlexSmith on 21 June, 2012, 10:51:59
Unfortunately I didn't get to join the crew for the whole tour... but I did manage to make it out to Edmonds for the Battle in Seattle, as well as all the accompanying festivities that filled the rest of the weekend. Absolutely insane, probably the biggest meet up of N american kendama talent to date. We were even lucky enough to have David from Sunrise grace us with his presence, which was an awesome surprise! The entire KendamaUSA pro & tribute teams were there, along with the Sweets pro team, the Kendamaco pro team, the owners and some employees of the aforementioned companies, the Kendmonds local slayers, employees and a member of the Terra pro team, and probably some others I'm forgetting to name. Then of course all the kids who made it out to the Battle itself, which was a huge success. Nice weather and an awesome vibe going all day. My legs are still sore
One of my favourite moments from the Battle itself was the side-competition Terra put on for a Purpleheart/Maple striped Pill (though you weren't allowed to enter if you already owned a Pill). We had anyone who wanted to compete to line up, and the rules were you had to do a straight pull up to spike. If you missed you were out, and it continued until there was only one player standing. Eventually it was down to two, and William Penniman took the prize home, after probably 70+ straight spikes (barely beating out the second place winner, Eric notsureofhislastname). It made for a hilarious and awesome little contest, with pros going out in the first couple rounds, and some of the smallest competitors there making it to the last handful of competitors. When you go back to basics things really do get interesting.
Title: Re: Kengarden Roots tour 2012
Post by: BKA on 21 June, 2012, 15:18:08
Cool idea for the Spike-sistency. We might have to nick that one sometime! :-)
Title: Re: Kengarden Roots tour 2012
Post by: AlexSmith on 23 June, 2012, 12:33:59
I'd recommend it! Depending on how many people enter it can possibly take a while to narrow it down, but its definitely a lot of fun. To mix it up you could always switch to a larger/smaller dama once it's narrowed down to a certain number of people. Try and catch people off guard haha.
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