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Title: February update
Post by: BKA on 01 March, 2013, 13:14:17
On the kendama forum in February:
- 40 New members joined. (Welcome to you all! Feel free to introduce yourselves, if you haven't already:,2.0.html (,2.0.html))
- There were 51 new topics created.
- 357 new posts were made.
- 36 players have added themselves to the Member Map. Log in and add your pin: (
- KCC 20 has no entries so far. 14 days left to crack it.,851.0.html (,851.0.html)
- We teased. All will be revealed soon.,890.0.html (,890.0.html)
- Log In with Facebook added.,864.0.html (,864.0.html)
- Instagram profile field added.,872.0.html (,872.0.html)
- Dimensions started a Favourite Players poll.,873.0.html (,873.0.html)
- The first 4 KenAroundTheWorld vids have been posted (and Sam's can't be far behind…),820.msg6034.html#msg6034 (,820.msg6034.html#msg6034)
- Void threw some (strange?!) practice ideas around:,876.msg6227.html#msg6227 (,876.msg6227.html#msg6227)
- 0 kendama records were set. Can you beat one? Or set a new one?,209.0.html (,209.0.html)

Things to look out for:
- 7 weeks to the BKO.,644.0.html (,644.0.html)
- A new competition coming soon.
- The unexpected.

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