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Events, meets & competitions / Re: EKO 2018
« Last post by jakub.zahumensky on 19 September, 2018, 16:22:31 »
Edit from Kendama Bulgaria:
Events, meets & competitions / Re: EKO 2018
« Last post by jakub.zahumensky on 18 September, 2018, 10:19:49 »
I'd say that this year (unlike in Netherlands) Bonz actually practiced (add the BKA approved damas only back then), which was combined with the fact that this year his mind was far less hazy compared to EKO so close to Amsterdam. He also probably didn't want to be beaten by a random Romanian kid.
Events, meets & competitions / Re: EKO 2018
« Last post by jakub.zahumensky on 18 September, 2018, 10:17:28 »
Video, photos and full results are online:
General Discussion / Re: How did you start
« Last post by twohands on 17 September, 2018, 21:15:34 »
I started from a shop.
I was searching for a "contact juggling"  ball and saw a kendama promotion video in the shop. 

It was clear quickly that I'd learn this toy now by heart, too, after this video.

Then I got a few used ones and started to play 1-4 hours a day,  along with my dogwalks, using both hands so far, for each trick until it worked.

It is a perfect toy for a walk...if you practice it with both hands, then you are training and strengthening both parts of the brain...

Videos / Re: WE ARE SOUND KENDAMA 2018
« Last post by s070s on 17 September, 2018, 16:02:55 »
realy liked this edit
good seeing so many familiar faces from the UK

good job paul !
Videos / Re: WE ARE SOUND KENDAMA 2018
« Last post by donald grant on 17 September, 2018, 12:02:52 »
That's a great edit with a really nice community feel to it.  Highlights include the mega-yank (of course), the wrap-around-the handrail combo and so much more.  Cheers for making and sharing, and all your hard work!  (Now I'll never be able to go down the Queen Street travelator without seeing a shadowy figure at the bottom.....:) )
Events, meets & competitions / Re: Bristol Jam, Sept 15th, 2018
« Last post by The Void on 16 September, 2018, 14:10:52 »
A trick by @Dimensions , and the "group photo".
Best Kendama?/Buying Advice / Re: What is Your Favorite and First Kendama?
« Last post by twohands on 15 September, 2018, 21:49:26 »
A nameless used one that I've renewed myself, sticking a rainbow glitter foil  onto the tama, covering the ken with three paintings, one crackeling in the middle, covering the whole result with copper, gold and silver foils, protecting all of the cups' edges against further beats with more foil, adding big stickers of flowers and a smilie onto the ken, finally covering the now protected to a maximum wood with epoxy... :-)... I gave the name "The Kid" to it...and added a bearing like a crown.

But the (potched with tissues) items of the "Cover Versions" series "Lemon Tree" and "Strawberry Fields", recycled KROM-pieces, start to go for the first place of my personal list of the best ones as well...

Let me explain: you cannot know these series because I have not yet exhibited my little upcycling work outside of my "Mono Liso" facebook account, which isn't easy to find either... but imagine...
Personal Trades and Sales / Searching for a Kendama-DVD or USB
« Last post by twohands on 15 September, 2018, 21:12:02 »
Ladies and Gentlemen,

could anybody sell a self-made DVD or USB-stick full with kendama edits to me?

Unfortunately I have only a very slow internet connection, much too slow for watching or downloading youtube-videos.

Now I feel quite uncomfortable without kendama edits....

I'd pay for the time it took you to fill the DVD/stick and for the shipping to Germany, by october 1st, usual bank account (IBAN) or VISA....

It should be just one very full with for example tutorials, show pieces...

Could You?

Which size of DVD/USB-stick?

And at what price?

Lady Ol' Twohands would be very pleased... :-*

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