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How to add photos to posts

Started by KrisWhyte, 29 June, 2013, 23:37:56

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hey guys can anyone let me know how i can add a photo as an attachment to these posts? thanks!
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Like this
1. (as an embedded image)
[img] http :// images/ WatchmenKendama_sm .jpg [/img] (without spaces)
(You can click the little "Mona Lisa" button to get the [ img ] tags.)
..which will give you...

NOTE: the URL you use must be a direct link to the image file itself, and not to a web page that the image is on.

If your image is on a website page that doesn't allow you to easily share the direct image URL (like Twitter or Instagram, for example), then just type the page URL into your post, without using any code tags. e.g.
"Copy link to tweet" from Twitter, and it will automatically embed, like this:
Or "Copy Share URL" from Instagram, and it will automatically embed, like this:

Also, we have a Facebook auto-embed for facebook posts (not images). Copy the link from the timestamp of the post, and paste it in your reply here.

...and you get:



2. Like this (as an attachment). Note the file size limits! (Please log in to see the attached image.)

There is a maximum of 500KB for any one image, or 1500Kb total for one post. Please check the size of the files you are trying to attach. Most modern digital cameras will probably produce images that are larger than this. You can host them on an image hosting site (e.g. Flickr) and post links to/embed the images here, or else you will need to compress your images with some software before you try to upload them as attachments. (Google "image compression software" for suggestions, and add "free" to that search term if you are skint!).

Suggested example:
If you have a jpg that is 4.5MB, and 4320x2880 pixels,
A. Reduce the resolution to 72 dots per inch (dpi), then
B. Reduce the scale to 800x533pixels, and then compress (Save As..) again as a jpg, at say, 87%.
Your new image will only ~53KB, and will fit easily on a computer screen, but will "look the same". (Exact numbers will vary, depending on your files/software.)

Edit: Here's a walk-through for compressing on an iOS device with a cheap app:
Here's an alternative cheap app:

...and here's a free iOS app that we haven't tried:

...and Fit2Web is simple and works well too:
Fit2Web Free by TwentySix TwentyEight