Author Topic: BKA Membership - new for 2014 - come and join!  (Read 105065 times)

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Re: BKA Membership - new for 2014 - come and join!
« Reply #180 on: 10 January, 2016, 14:14:18 »
I'm just going to add that while the competitions and the prize draws are nice, I would still pay the yearly fee just to support the work the BKA does, without the need of getting anything in return. Ok, the card, but that's it.
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Re: BKA Membership - new for 2014 - come and join!
« Reply #181 on: 19 January, 2016, 18:26:17 »
A bit late here but wanted to add to the chat really.

Im with a few others here who are here but disappear for a while without checking so feel a bit guilty. As for competitions, prize draws etc. It got to a point for me where i actually won a couple of kendamas and thought id let others in the community try and win if that makes sense, dont want to steal all the prizes now do I haha. As for the paper kendama, I do have a reason for that one too I think you know why.

My inactivity comes in waves and it all depends on what life is throwing at me really. Like now for examplw, this is the first time back since probably before Xmas but work has been a killer and other things and it all stacks up.

I for one would also pay for membership/donate even if there is no membership this year. You know me, I have always overpaid for my membership anyway because I felt that was what the BKA was offering was worth.

I feel the social aspect of Kendama has been changing. The likes of FB and IG means people can just throw quick clips and pics up and just disregard things like forums. Its not nice to think about as we have a nice little group here. I dont partake in FB groups myself as they get very vocal and silly and I just cant deal with it to be honest. I much prefer IG myself as it is just to simple to throw a clip up.

Moving forward I think it would be a good idea to "outsource" a few of the comps people like, even main events if it gets too much, aslong as BKA are part of it. Im always willing to help out where I can and others here probably feel the same way.

Okay that's enough waffling from me.

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Re: BKA Membership - new for 2014 - come and join!
« Reply #182 on: 19 January, 2016, 19:57:07 »
yea.. it's a total shame.. especially with out link on the line.. in these 2 years
i played this was by far one of the coolest things i ever took part of!
i learned so much!

But this also shows my why there might be a problem.. it was always a pain for me
to upload the videos.. i mean.. i jammed OVER 5 hours for some tricks and then
am too lazy to upload it properly and then post it? yes. i can't explain it but somehow..

maybe, like some said, it really has something to do with the "forum-thing".
This is the only forum i use btw!
A Facebook event with a post of the new trick, where you comment with your entry might be
a good alternative. for now thanks @shalafi for keeping it going!!

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Re: BKA Membership - new for 2014 - come and join!
« Reply #183 on: 20 January, 2016, 19:17:59 »
Reading some of the comments I think that I should have said some of the things too. I can fully agree to @mreasyguy and the "shallowness" of other Kendama communities. In this forum, there is really something more than "look Ma, what I can do". Of course, it's about doing tricks and talking about, but as the name already says, it's a discussion forum. There's much more of bidirectional conversation than on facebook.

I've also been on and off the forum, but always felt to be a part of this great and friendly BKA community, which in spite of the "B" is much more international, than many organisations with a capital "I" in their name. I would like this to continue ...

'Nough said, I just paid my membership fee for 2016 :) Or I sponsored the BKA, or whatever.
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Re: BKA Membership - new for 2014 - come and join!
« Reply #184 on: 20 January, 2016, 19:50:33 »
@LarsVegas We received your payment for examiner certificates, and we will post them to you shortly. Thanks.


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