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Donald Grant "LawnDon WUnderground" edit
« on: 13 July, 2019, 19:14:42 »
Yes, it's been a while.  My collaborator on these edits, Pete, hasn't been particularly well, so this one was actually shot in a couple of shorter sessions, and then "matured" on his hard drive for just over a year :)  Still, here it is now, hope there's something for everyone  (still pretty chuffed at the scissors catch between two strings around 3.40)  Enjoy! ← Please go to JTV for HD/download

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Re: Donald Grant "LawnDon WUnderground" edit
« Reply #1 on: 13 July, 2019, 23:37:33 »
Always good to see a new DG vid. Lots to like in here - the second trick, 1:47, the high elbow bounce, the ball-on-string catches, the entry to the back-of-hand balance, the first two Orange tricks, the arm stall tricks, and more. Good job!
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