Author Topic: Update on kendama activities at the World Juggling Day picnic in Minneapolis, MN  (Read 2454 times)

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There's a small group of us that kendama for the last 1/2 hour of so at our weekly juggling club in Minneapolis.  Many of us only pick up our kendamas at the weekly club.  I'm sure this is hard for many of you to believe!  Still, we have a lot of fun and have a weekly battle ladder. 

For this year's picnic for World Juggling Day, we had a special battle ladder, where you had to stand on one foot.  Kate Ray, a local juggler, won.

Here's the battle ladder:

Stand on your right foot
1.   Big Cup
2.   Candlestick
3.   Spike

Stand on your left foot
4.   Tapback
5.   Frying Pan
6.   Baseball

This led to major silliness trying to do moshe kame and other tricks, while standing on one foot.  Some of us (most especially me) were more challenged by the standing on one foot, than others.

The other "competition" was a trick challenge.  There was a list of tricks and if you accomplished each trick during the course of the picnic, totally on the honor system, you'll be treated to an ice cream cone after juggling club this week.  This worked out great.  Several people landed tricks for the first time ever and in some cases they had never even tried them before!  To make it less daunting, the rules for the 2 hardest tricks were that you could count them if you really, really tried to land them trick 20 times. 

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Love the "tried hard" rule!

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I can't believe I didn't stop by the picnic this! I totally should have been there.

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If I was more organized, I would have (should have) posted something about it ahead of time!  Hopefully, we'll see you at the picnic next year.


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