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Kendama Consistency Challenge #19- Flips for Fun

Started by jafish41, 02 December, 2012, 20:27:28

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Here are the prizes for the present KCC #19- Flips for Fun. I wasted no time in getting the ladders together and creating a video. The ladders and the actual competition will begin on 12-14-12.


Nice prize! But Jake you have to set precisely at what time the challenge will come too  ;)


Haha Okay Im new to this! The challenge will start at 4:30 ET

The Void

4.30 pm ET, right, =16.30, and not 04.30? Just checking...
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I am so sorry for the late release! I will be posting the trick ladder vid and trick list at 9 P.M ET


Im glad i stayed up til 4 am for this to come online...
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Again I am very sorry! I have been busy and I left my laptop around and i have been trying my hardest to get it all together.

So without further ado. I present the Trick Video:
and the Trick List and rules:
- Competition is open to all players, worldwide, as long as they are a member of this forum.
- Use a standard, competition-sized kendama, unless otherwise stated.
- Perform all tricks, in order, as specified, in a single run, with no misses, unless otherwise stated.
- Stay in shot the whole time.
- The kendama must be visible all the time.
- The first forum member to post a video of themselves completing the challenge in the relevant thread is the winner. (Pending approval by me).
- No sneakiness!
- The Winner wins glory and respect from the kendama community

TRICKS (tell me if some names are wrong):

#1  Bid Cup Kenflip to Reverse Kenflip
#2  Spacewalk to Handroll to Kenflip to Big Cup
#3  String Maneuver to Reverse Kenflip
#4  Around the Kenflip
#5  Little Cup String pull to Flip to Little Cup String Pull
#6  Airplane to 1.5 turn to Base Cup to Base Cup Kenflip
#7  Single Kenflip to Double Kenflip
#8  Side kenflip to Base Cup to Circuit to Big Cup (start with the spike in the tama)
#9  Double Reverse kenflip
#10 Kenflip to Spike


The video doesn't work in England haha... Nice one there, ACTA and/or SOPA -_-


I opened the video through the proxy gateway. I think that only totally insane people would be able to do all these tricks without missing.

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I am sorry. This just keeps getting worse for me. I will upload it again with no music so there is no chance for a blockage anywhere



After seeing that video, all we can say is... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! You're gonna need it...
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