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KC Basic II and Winner II - Initial review. Further review to follow after more play-testing.

KC Basic II - Branded logo KC Basic II - Faint clamp marks - no big deal KC Basic II - Hole and spike are not reduced in size KC Basic II - Leaflet, stickers and spare string
KC Basic II - Melted string end, to prevent fraying, is a nice touch KC Basic II - Paint job looks quite nice, but- KC Basic II - Print from packaging has marked the kendama KC Basic II - Print marks also on ball - What a shame!
KC Basic II - Size comparison KC Basic II - Slight gap at top of sara-do KC Basic II - Sunbathing KC Basic II - Ziplock packaging
KC Basic II Winner II - Ball Winner II - Box doubles as display stand, if you like Winner II - Brand
Winner II - Branding Winner II - Packaging, box, cut-out, stickers, spare string Winner II - Packaging Winner II - Slight gap at top of cross piece
Winner II - Slight gap at top of sara-do Winner II - Someone's signature? Winner II - Striking speckled 2-tone paint job Winner II - String hole
Winner II - Text taken verbatim from BKA website , without asking, or giving credit - How rude!!!!

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