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KC Winner Photo-review

DSCF7728 Foil wrapped for freshness! DSCF7729 The usual tricks covered in the booklet__ Stickers too DSCF7734 Similarity to Oozora too much of a coincidence? DSCF7735 Ball__ Paint job nothing special at first glance__ Similar to TK16?
DSCF7737 Striations on small cup__ Machining marks, presumably DSCF7739 Ugly branding__ Loosely wound string is less elegant than a JKA-packaged kendama DSCF7741 Cup edges very thin DSCF7745 Maker's sticker
DSCF7746 Ball and bevelling DSCF7747 Side of the shaft feels very rough__ Not very well sanded DSCF7749 Spike profile DSCF7752 Spike from above__ Photo does not show that the Right and Left string holes have different sized bevels__ They are also offset slightly
DSCF7755 String is not as silky-smooth as an Oozora's string  (Irrelevant?) DSCF7758 Bonus skater-chic badge and free strings DSCF7764 Paint job after 30 minutes play__ Bad! Very bad! DSCF7769 More chipping__ Summary - A cheap option that plays ok, but spend a few pounds more on a JKA-kd and feel the quality!
DSCF7772 How long will this last?

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