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Kendama: "Elegant Simplicity. Infinite Complexity. Ultimate Fun."

Welcome to the BKA: the ultimate resource for all kendama-related information. You'll find the all latest kendama news, and a wealth of other info on the pages linked below. If you're completely new to the Japanese skill-toy that is kendama,
and don't know what it's all about, watch this.
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BKA members are also eligible for the following offers:

Any book by The Void & Donald Grant for only £4.95 (UK postage)/£6.50(Europe)/£7.95(Outside Europe) each.
Kendama Spin-Off for only £5 (UK postage)/£6.50(Europe)/£7.95(Outside Europe).

This tee shirt/hoodie design - exclusive to BKA members! (Click images to enlarge):
BKA ember Tee 2015BKA Member Tee 2015 FrontBKA Meber Tee 2015 Back
2015 colours: Fuschia print on Forest Green tee: front - front detail - back detail.
High quality, hard-wearing garments with durable and stylish flock print.
mr easy guy 2014 member teeMrEasyGuy in his 2014 colours.

Tee-shirts: £15.99 (UK postage)/£20.99(Europe)/£22.99(Outside Europe)/£25.99 (Italy - sorry Italy!)
Hoodies: £28.99 (UK postage)/£33.99(Europe)/£35.99(Outside Europe)/£38.99 (Italy - sorry Italy!)
Tee + Hoodie: £44.99 (UK postage)/£50.99(Europe)/£52.99(Outside Europe)/£55.99 (Italy - sorry Italy!)
Tee-shirts are sent from a different location to other goods, so sorry, but we can't combine postage costs.
When ordering clothing, please state:
1. Shipping name & address, if different to the Paypal Sender's.
2. Tee, Girl Tee, or Hoodie?
3. Size: S, M, L, XL or XXL?
4. Your BKA member number. (Not necessary if ordering at the same time as joining.)

BKA Members may only order 1 Tee and/or Hoodie per year.

If you wish to order any of the above, please send the correct amount by Paypal to the-bka@tlmb.net (Sender is responsible for paying all Paypal fees).
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