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The 12-in-1 kendama game.

Now also an App!
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See also: KendamApp!

spin off

Kendama Spin-Off is a game that can be played with any number of kendama players.

Spin-off to battle against each other
in multi-way combat. Suitable for all
levels of play.

With 4 game wheels and rules for 3 different games, the game will give you plenty of play options. As if that weren't enough, one of the game wheels is blank, so that you can use your own set of tricks. And when you're bored with those, just replace them with a new set!

Limited edition!
spin off arrow

Kendama Spin-Off requires 1 kendama to play (not supplied).

The game is supplied with:
- 2 double-sided laminated game boards, containing 4 Game Wheels.
- Rules for playing the variations "Spin-Off", "Psych Out" and "Wheelie".
- 2 Spinner arrows
- 1 velvet storage bag for the spinners
- 1 sticker

- A small blob of Blutack (not supplied) to stick the spinner down.

RRP only £6.50 GBP. Less than half the price of a kendama!

spin off arrow

"I really like 'Wheelie'." - Mister Jumpshoe

"This is sick , finaly a game something difference the KEN. Learn you beginners, advance and expert basics and create your own wheel of trick, thank you BKA for bring this into the world , thanks Donald and Void for the great artworks and the designs" - KendAlex

"much thank's to the BKA for the new game!" -FrenchTouchKendama

"i seriously cant stop playing. I love it, helps with consistency." - Brandon Yoder, Kendamadrama

"it's amazing" -horribleyoyo