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Kendama Video Competition

To celebrate the launch of the "Kendama! First Tricks to Pro Clicks" DVD, we're giving you the opportunity to win a copy absolutely free.

All you have to do is submit a kendama video. The videos will be judged on
i) Tricks - difficulty, originality, style
ii) Video - presentation, shots, quality, ideas, clarity

Everyone is welcome to enter - worldwide!

1) The video must be new
2) Maximum 2 minutes
3) Video must be uploaded to the kendama channel on http://juggling.tv
4) Competition closes on November 20th 2010.
5) Results will be announced on November 22nd 2010.

So, get your imagination and your skills going, and see what you can come up with to impress The Void, who will be judging the competition.

yusuke by emma
Pic © Emma Scott

matt by emma
Pic © Emma Scott


Thanks to all the entrants: The Kengarden/Jake Wiens, markool89, MJA*, Kendamatty and Alex Smith.

After viewing all the entries, I whittled it down to a choice of 3: Jake, Alex, and Matty. All three had great tricks - Alex's Bird to Scoop Spike, Wrap-up to Candle, and Bamboo Horse sequence; Jake's Suicide 2-turn Aeroplane, a forward then backwards Whirlwind Big Cup, and Suicide Whirlwind Furiken ; Matty's Reverse Hangin Moon Landing , Hanging Swing to Bird, and Bird to Reverse Whirlwind to Bird.

It was a tough choice, so I decided to re-read the competition rules.
i) Tricks - difficulty, originality, style
Well, they certainly all had that....
ii) Video - presentation, shots, quality, ideas, clarity
That made things clear to me. If Alex and Matty had not both been hampered by equipment failures, perhaps things would have been different, but the winner of the BKA Kendama Video Competition is Jake Wiens!

Congratulations Jake, a copy of the DVD will be winging its way to you shortly.

Meanwhile, if you guys want to see what's in Jake's pockets, check out the "What's your setup?" post over at the Kengarden, and send yours in too.

We'll leave you with Jake's winning video. Until next time folks, Keep Clickin'! - The Void

*...who then deleted his own video, thus withdrawing from the competition!?