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Dutch Kendama Championship 2010

At late notice, and with almost no advance publicity, the first Dutch Kendama Championship took place at the Dutch juggling convention this May. Although there were 4 advanced players in attendance, all the rest were complete novices, so a workshop was run immediately before the competition, in order to generate the players for the beginners division. This tactic yielded 8 new converts willing to compete, plus a few more who took it all in as they watched.

1. Jori 6 (7)
2. Edwin 6 (9)
3. Leon 4 (3)*
4. Soilin 4 (3)*
5. Thijs 4 (4)
6. Jos 3 (0)
7. Gerco 1 (0)
8. Alja 1 (1)

* Moshikame tie-break

On to the Advanced division, and it was skaters v lone juggler David. Jeffrey, Alex & Justin showed up to show just what the inliners can do. A fair bit, it turned out, with Jeffrey justifying his youtube name of Dutchkendama and storming away to become the first Dutch Kendama Champion.

1. Jeffrey 15 (4) Dutch Kendama Champion
2. Alex 9 (5)
3. Justin 4 (0)*
4. David 4 (0)*

* Moshikame tie-break

Not content with this win, Jeffrey went on to beat Justin in the Speed Trick Challenge semi final, to meet Alex in the final. It was close, but with a time of 37.4 seconds, Jeffrey reigned supreme.

Speed Trick Challenge
Jeffrey 37.4

The day concluded with Void taking a break form judging to join in a game of K.E.N.D.A.M.A. , which turned into an epic, with neither he nor Jeffrey able to quite kill off the other with a final 'A', until Jeffrey finally pulled off a killer trick. A few games of TeamKD Battle Cards later, and the day ended with smiles and goodbyes.