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Kendama: "Elegant Simplicity. Infinite Complexity. Ultimate Fun."

Welcome to the BKA: the ultimate resource for all kendama-related information. You'll find the all latest kendama news, and a wealth of other info on the pages linked below. If you're completely new to the Japanese skill-toy that is kendama,
and don't know what it's all about, watch this.
guy hat stall
Guy Heathcote's kendama collection

Mr Heathcote would like to thank Akinori Soga of the Japanese Kendama Association for providing him with all the Japanese models in this collection.

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Void's toys

The Void's first batch of JKA kendamas.

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matt and void
Workshop at the Scottish Juggling Convention, 2008. Pics by Azrelle.

Matt Hall and Void ran a workshop at SJC, winning many new devotees to the way of the kendama.

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BJC kendama action

All the kendama fun from the British Kendama Championships, and the rest of the action at the BJC.

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bow tie
Mr Jellybean's Splendid Silhouettes

Dave sent us these lovely shots from a trip he took to mid-Wales.

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David's Ozoras

Mr Spotlight took some sexy pics of his new Ozoras, and was kind enough to send them on through to us.

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ozora tower
KC Winner
KC Winner

Void posts a photo-review of the Chinese kendama.

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Japan Foundation Tour

Some pics from the day
in Cardiff by Emma

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winner and basic
KC Winner II and Basic II

Void posts an initial photo-review of the new Chinese kendama.

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Art Competition

See all the entries to the BKA kendama art competition.

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shin fuji
Shin Fuji & TK16

Some pics of some "well-loved" models and their packaging.

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A Sunrise kendama emerges from its packet.

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sam pre dan
Official BKA grade certificates

Players with newly-promoted grades pose proudly!

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EKO 2013

A sample of the action from
the EKO 2013 week.

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Philip and Void
Artwork competition 2013

See what forum members created when posed with a kendama-art challenge.

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Void's Japan trip 2014

Fun times in mostly Tokyo.

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void and yumi
BKO 2014

Cool times on a long weekend.

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LKO 2015

Leicester Clicker Tricker Slickery
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Bristol Anime Con 2015

KDs and Yos at Cosplay central

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BKO 2017

Snaps from way down in Exeter -->
KenSan in Exeter, BKO