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and don't know what it's all about, watch this.
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European Kendama Open 2008

The EKO will take place at 16.00 on Tuesday 5th August as part of the European Juggling Convention. There will be two competitions, both open to players of all nationalities. All tricks must be performed with a JKA-approved kendama.
pic by Linda Sneddon

Speed Trick Challenge

The Speed Trick Challenge will be run as a knockout competition. Two players at a time will go head-to-head to try to complete 10 tricks in the fastest time possible. The faster of the two players will go through to the next round.

The tricks for the Speed Trick Challenge are:

Japanese name / English name (Clarification)
1. Oozara / Big cup
2. Kozara / Small cup
3. Chuuzara / Base cup
4. Rousoku / Candlestick
5. Swinging Oozara (String must remain taut until ball is above the level of the ken)
6. Tsubame Kaeshi / Orbit (Oozara>Orbit>Ozara)
7. Tomeken / Pull-up-in
8. Kajiya / Tap Back (Oozara>tap ball with ken>Oozara)
9. Hikouki / Aeroplane
10. Moshikame for 10 catches (Starting with Oozara or Kozara - player's choice)

See the tricks being demonstrated in the first half of this video:
Download it from this page, or watch the stream below.

Best Trick

Competitors will be given 5 attempts to demonstate their favourite or best trick. Players who complete their trick successfully will go through to a final which will be judged by audience applause.