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DVD: "Kendama - First Clicks to Pro Tricks"

kendama dvd
RRP £5.99
PAL, 53 minutes,
Widescreen, All Regions
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Order from
Oddballs (UK)
Kendama World (UK)
Juggle-store (NL)
Balla Balla (DE)
Kendama.cz (CZ)

Out of print.

"The British DVD is cooler than the Japanese one."
-Yusuke Ito, Kendama Professional

"Beautiful stuff. Now I can stop teaching kendama workshops all over the world. This video is the only kendama workshop you'll ever need." - Matt Hall, JUGGLE magazine

"That's very good, basic tricks are explained in detail.
Beginners will be able to understand important points by themselves." - K.CIMA, Kendama Revolutions

"It's very well put together and there's certainly a lot on there that I could/should learn." - Guy Heathcote, TeamKD

"A seriously comprehensive piece of work" - Robin Gunney, British Kendama Association

View the tutorial sections on JTV.

The complete beginners' guide to kendama.

Expert players The Void and Donald Grant will walk you through the steps on your intrepid journey to Kendama Mastery, from cups to spikes, aeroplanes to lighthouses, and way beyond.

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