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and don't know what it's all about, watch this.
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Kernow Kendama

Hi all and welcome to Kernow Kendama's
Ken Around The World.

Wez Swain, a Scout leader from Torpoint, Cornwall, is planning the first ever Scout expedition to the geographic North Pole. The aim of this expedition is to raise awareness for Scouts across the globe that almost anything is possible if you want it hard enough and to promote the scouting ethos of challenge and adventure. Something which also relates to Kendama.

The idea is to send a single Kendama around the World to as many players as possible, Wez will then take the Kendama to the North Pole where he will spike it. Upon its return the Kendama will then be raffled to all participants in the project with the winner taking the Kendama, the headed paper with signatures and locations, and a dvd of all the clips taken.

For him and 3 scouts to complete the expedition he needs to raise around £200,000. The idea of Ken Around the World is to raise money for, and promote the expedition as well as Kendama.

The Kendama will be sent out on 1st Feb 2013 along with BKA headed paper. The idea is for people to sign their name and location, play the Kendama, film a short video, post it on the Facebook page and then mail the kendama on to the next person.

Email: kernowkendama@gmail.com
Facebook page here

wez juggles
Wez in action!
scouts on the pole

Here's how it will work: You like the page on Facebook, send a message stating your interest and location (we're aiming to do England and Europe first) We send you an estimated arrival time, you then donate your £5.00 to the just giving page and send us your address, we send this info to the person who has the Kendama and they forward on the Kendama to you, you play the Ken, film your piece, sign your name and await the next location.
As you can see it's all about the comunication.

This is going to be an amazing project, The Void, The British Kendama Association and Yoko aka CraftyBuddy are all on board. Please show your support and join this amazing Project.

Yoko has donated 4 all wood TK16's these will have the Tama painted with a globe 1 of which will go around the world and the others will be prizes for a few competitons. Thanks Yoko for your support. Also the BKA has donated the headed paper to travel with the Kendama and also a Kendama for a competition, and Void has donated one of each of his books. Thanks Void and the BKA for your support and guidance ;-)