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Book: "Spike! Mastering The Kendama"

Spike! Mastering the Kendama ISBN 978-1-898591-21-4
ISBN 978-1-898591-21-4
Title: "Spike! Mastering The Kendama"
Author: The Void
Illustrations: Donald Grant
RRP £3.95
48 printed pages.
50 tricks, 37 fully illustrated.
English, (Trick names also included in Japanese)


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At last! The English language Kendama book the world has been waiting for.

From beginner to advanced, the book will walk you through over 50 tricks, from the simple Big Cup, to the swinging Aeroplane, the elegant Bird, and the seemingly impossible Moon Landing.

Written by kendama expert and two-time British kendama champion The Void, and with fun, clear illustrations by Scottish kendama champion Donald Grant, "Spike! Mastering The Kendama" will give your knees and your brain a work-out they'll both enjoy.

Download a sample PDF file here.

"I've already read the thing cover to cover twice and it
really has great advice for those tough tricks--the tips are as good or even better than the ones in the Japanese books I have."
- Matt Hall, North American Kendama Open

"It will be the bible book for kendama players who speak English."
- K.CIMA, Kendama Revolutions

"The explanations are clearly written and the layout makes them easy to follow. ..... There are also some hints on how to make all the tricks more difficult."
- Kaskade magazine

" I got a copy and learnt a new trick immediately."
- Nathan, Oddballs

"It is a great introduction to Kendama techniques."
- KendamaUSA.

"...a must for anyone who takes their skill toys seriously."
- Oddballs.

"A great book, which presents loads of fun and interesting tips, tricks and general guidance for improving you play. ... They have done a really great job with this."
-Kendama Denmark

" I have recently purchased these books and I must say they are great! Useful tips on the standard tricks, combined with variations you never thought of. There are also a lot of tricks I never even tried before (mostly in 'Knees'). In particular I enjoyed the string/knot tricks I saw Donald Grant do but couldn't make out from a video. You will definitely learn something new from these, and in addition it's just a great library of possible tricks, even if you already know how to do them. The order of tricks in 'Spike' can also be helpful when teaching new clickers (although you could persuade them to just buy the book :)). Great work Donald and Void!"
-Hans Nickmans

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