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Book: "Click! Beyond the valley of the kendama"

Click book
ISBN 978-1-898591-23-8
Title: "Click! Beyond the valley of the kendama"
Author: The Void & Donald Grant
Illustrations: Donald Grant
RRP £5.95
64 printed pages.


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The trilogy is complete!

Void & Donald return with a brand new kendama manual of “not just tricks”. Don’t worry though, there are tricks aplenty, but also some viewpoints, ideas and “ways of thinking” about kendama.

Not only that, but we have special guest writers (Alex Smith, Alex Ruisch, Katsuaki Shimadera, Mr Jumpshoe, Matt Nix) sharing their own unique insights into tricks, techniques, and practice.

Grab your kendama, and prepare to travel FURTHER! into the clicksphere.

Download a sample PDF file here.

"...it's just great. There's a great mix between original, new, quirky and harder tricks. And on top of that it opens a whole world of combinations, variations and creativity. You can dip in at any point and come across something you've never tried before. This will keep me busy for quite some time."
-Hans Nickmans, Kendama Belgium

"[the] new book is great!"
-Jeremy Stephenson, KendamaUSA

"...another excellent addition to the series - it's great! ... If you've not already ordered this folks don't hesitate, highly recommended. Do it now!"
- Kev Cook, ENSO Kendamas

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