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Kendama news archive

Kendama USA and Collaboration .

We are pleased to announce that we have now added Tributes and Classics from Kendama USA to our approved kendamas for competition play. Meanwhile, the community at the forum got together to make a great collaborative video. See this forum post to check it out.

EKO/BKO videos .

A video of the full BKO, edited down to an hour is now out. See BKO 2014 page for the download links (large files!) Plus, if you like your videos more condensed, here's a compilation from Mr Jumpshoe. Also, the trick list videos for EKO 2014 are now out. See EKO 2014 page for embeds and links.

EKO lists are out .

The trick lists for the EKO have been released. See EKO 2014 page.

Sweets are in. BKO soon. .

We're very pleased to now be accepting some Sweets models as Approved for competition play: See the Approved page. Meanwhile, it's only 2 weeks to the BKO. Time to rev up your practice and excitement levels!

Collaborate! .

We're having a collaboration video this year. Check it out and get involved on the forum.

EKO poster .

Mathias designed a great poster for the EKO.
eko poster.

EKO divisions .

Check out the EKO page for news of a change in divisions this year.

2014 European Kendama Open dates .

The EKO will be in Denmark this year.
Check out the EKO page for the initial info. More details to follow soon..

Outlink - BKA Member competition .

News of a little bonus for the early-adopters in the Membership scheme.
Check out the Outlink forum thread for all the details.

Bonus for early Members .

News of a little bonus for the early-adopters in the Membership scheme.

New year, new Membership .

Happy new year to everyone. We hope all your kendama dreams come true in 2014! Also, an exciting piece of news for 2014: BKA Membership is now available! See the contact page for all the details.

Tees and hoodies! .

We have 6 kendama t-shirt/hoodie designs, available in multiple colourways. See here for pictures and links to online ordering.
kendama t-shirts and hoodies

"Click!" is out now! .

Click is available to buy now. See the ebay listing. Happy Halloween!
bko poster 2014

BKO 2014 - Advanced tricklist! .

The advanced division tricklist has bee revealed. See the BKO page for the lowdown. Practice time!

New book "Click!" .

The Void and Donald have done it again. Their trilogy of excellent kendama books is now complete, with the imminent publication of "Click! Beyond the valley of the kendama".
bko poster 2014

BKO Bounty and poster .

We're pleased to announce the return of the Bounty Prize for the BKO 2014. £50 of cold hard cash to anyone who beats the reigning champion Matt Nix in the Advanced Division.
bko poster 2014

BKO 2014 .

The dates and initial info for the 2014 British Kendama Open are out now. Go to the BKO page for the full story. Leeds, here we come!

EKO videos .

You can now watch the full 2013 EKO on video. Go to the EKO page for the download links. *Caution, large files!*. Kendama Europe have also posted some streaming videos of some sections. See the forum for links.

Artwork results .

There is now a gallery page of all entries in the 2013 artwork competition. The winners have been announced on the forum.

EKO results! .

The EKO was a great success and a huge amount of fun. The full results are now up. There is forum discussion here.

Art, Void, Play .

There is an art competition out to win a custom gold kendama by Donald. See this forum thread. Void has released his solo video, and his review of the new Play kendama. Krom are bringing out some hardwood models shortly.

SKO video and JKA players in London .

Void has posted his SKO video. We also have heard the exciting news that some JKA members are coming to London and running a stall at the HyperJapan event. Your chance to see some high-level layers in person, and get a JKA grading too! See this thread post from Yoko for more details.

Scottish Kendama Open results .

Full results are now up from the weekend on the SKO page.

Scottish Kendama Open Poster .

sko poster

Scottish Kendama Open. .

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Scottish Kendama Open, the first official BKA event in Scotland. Also out now are Mirek's BKO photos, Matt Robertson's review, and BKO videos from Void, NiggetyNixaan, and Mikey McQueen.
sko flag

BKO results and review .

The full results are now up on the BKO page, plus a review of the weekend from Void.

Win "Kendama Spin-off!" for free .

There are two chances this weekend to win a free copy of Kendama Spin-off. See the forum or facebook for more details.

Kendama Spin-off! .

Donald and Void have come up with a new project. This time it's a game called Kendama Spin-off. See the Spin-off page for more details, and since it's a limited edition, get one soon!

BKO poster .

Here's a poster for the BKO. Please download/copy/tweet/share it, or even print it out for your local scene. Downloads: A4 colour,A4 b/w,2-up A4 colour,2-up A4 b/w
bko poster

EKO date .

We finally have a date for the 2013 EKO! Set your diaries for July 31st, 15:00. (But of course, you should come for the whole week!)

Fresh BKO details .

Head on over to the British Kendama Open 2013 page for details of competition day's entry, schedule and CASH PRIZES!

NRC results, plus grade-ups. .

Results of the NRC are now up on the forum. And well done to Ian and Matt on levelling up.

EKO tricks and a polar trip! .

Happy new year, clickers! There's a big update with all the tricklists out now on the EKO 2013 page. Also, we bring you news of an expedition aiming to (among other things) take a kendama to the North pole! Find out how you can get involved on the Ken Around The World page.

Set-up tips .

Got a new kendama for xmas? Welcome to your new, healthy addiction! Check out the set-up page, the basics page and the first tricks page.

EKO news and more .

The venue for the EKO has been officially announced: see the EKO 2013 page. BKA are proud to announce we are sponsoring cash prizes for the NRC. Two rare mugen kendamas are currently for sale on the store page. Kendama Consistency Challenge #19 is underway on the forum.

BKA Store launched .

The BKA now has a store page. We currently only ship to the UK. See the goodies here.

BKO 2013 Advanced Tricks .

The advanced tricklist for BKO 2013 has been announced. See the 2013 British Kendama Open page.

Kendama SRC results .

For results, see the 2012 UK Kendama Southern Regional Competition page.

BKA NRC 2013 confirmed .

The date and location for next year's NRC has been announced. See the 2013 Northern Regional Championships page.

BKO 2013 dates announced .

The date for next year's BKO has been announced. See the 2013 British Kendama Open page.

Kendama SRC 2012 videos .

Videos for Beginner and Intermediate divisions has been added to the 2012 UK Kendama Southern Regional Competition page.

BKA Kendama SRC 2012 .

Times, date, location and tricks for the 2012 UK Kendama Southern Regional Competition are out now.

EKO results .

Full results of the EKO are now up! You can also read Void's review on the forum, where there are also links to photogalleries.

World Championship .

Void has written a blog of his trip to Japan on the forum, including his experiences at the World Kendama Championship.

Books in N. America .

The books Spike and Knees are now available in North American via KendamaUSA.

Approved Play time .

BKA can now announce that the upcoming new 2012 models of the Play kendama have been approved for competition and grading use.

EKO time confirmed .

We've now had confirmation of the time slot for the EKO. Head on over to the EKO page for all the details, watch the videos, print the tricklist, etc etc..

Getting certified .

Void has been honoured by the JKA. And Mr Jumpshoe has joined the ranks of official BKA grading examiners. Contact one of them via the forum if you want to take a grading.

Void's vid feast .

Void has been busy making some videos. First off, there's a tutorial on Half-swirl Aeroplane. Next up are a couple of practice videos: one for a 4th Dan exam, and another for the upcoming World Kendama Championships.

WKC, and BKO results .

For some years now, there has been a World Kendama Championships in Japan. Until now, very few non-Japanese players have attended, but from this year, that is going to change. Several high-level players from Europe and N. America are going along in July to pit themselves against the Japanese masters. See the facebook page for more details. Meanwhile, the results of the 2012 BKO are out, along with a video of the whole event. See the BKO review page.

BKO poster .

Please share!
bko 2012


We know that you all play kendama for fun, and come to the meets and comps for good times, but just to tempt you even further, we can now announce an extremely generous sponsorship program for the 2012 BKO. Sunrise Kendamas have put up £400s-worth of prize vouchers across the five divisions. Big thanks to David for this!
2012 swag

KendamAPP: Now for iOS too! .

We're really pleased to announce that KendamApp is now available for iOS too. See the KendamApp page for all the details.

EKO 2012 tricks and details .

Beginners tricklist is the same as the BKO 2012 list. The Advanced tricklist is NEW. See EKO 2012 page.

EKO 2012 .

We can now confirm the date for the 2012 EKO as 1st August. More details to be announced soon on the EKO 2012 page.

KendamAPP! .

There is now a Smartphone app for kendama lovers. Only for Android for now, but coming soon for iOS too. See the KendamApp page for all the details.

BKO times confirmed .

We can now confirm that the BKO will start at 1.30pm. See the BKO2012 page for all the comp details. Full day's schedule will be: 11.00-12.30: BKA grading exams, 1.30 BKO, 5.00-7.00 BKA grading exams.

Cheaper ticket for BKO! .

Good news, clickers! For those of you who will only be attending the BJC for the day of the BKO, we have negotiated a cheaper 'kendama-only' day ticket for you. See the BKO2012 page for details.

More grading opportunities .

Void will also be at the Ballring and Upchuck juggling conventions, taking Kyu/Pre-Dan/Dan exams. The register of forum players is now live.

Official BKA gradings .

A new year, and a new grading system. The BKA is now issuing Kyu, Pre-Dan and Dan certificates to anyone who can pass an exam. The first examinations will be held in Bristol at BoB juggling convention on 21st January, with more held at the NRC if time allows.

BKO 2012 news .

The details, trick lists and videos for the 2012 BKO are now out on the BKO 2012 page. Start your practising now!

Milton Keynes, & NRC 2012 .

There will be some informal kendama jamming at the MKJC on Saturday the 12th. Come along and click. Also, check out the poster for the NRC.
bka nrc 2012

BKO 2012 .

The 2012 BKO will be on Thursday April 12th, at the British Juggling Convention. More details in a few weeks.

Southern Regional Championship Photos .

Check out fak's photos from the SRC.

Southern Regional Championship Results! .

The full results are now up on the SRC 2011 page. Thanks to everyone who came. Photos to follow soon!

Northern Regional Championships .

We are pleased to announce the details of the UK Northern Regional Championships 2012, on Jan 28th.

News roundup .

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Remember to keep following us on facebook, twitter and the forum! Speaking of the forum, we've been having fun with consistency challenges, and the third one just went live. The Czech open may have to be postponed. In more positive mode, KendamaUSA are running a comp to expand their team (open worldwide). If you think you've got what it takes, go and apply. There will be 3 of the brand new PLAY kendama up for grabs at the UK SRC. And keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about the UK Northern Regional Championships soon!

SRC raffle! .

There will be a raffle at the SRC, with a free ticket for everyone.
bka src 2011.

Roundup .

More EKO pics from Mirek. Jarrett hits some nice tricks, including Around The Valley in his new vid; Dave gets Inverted; Zack Yourd kicks it hard.

EKO photos and video .

The FULL video of the EKO is now online. Also, some photos are beginning to emerge online: 7 from Luke start here; TYM's start here; and 2 from Albapasser

EKO review .

Here is a review of the 2011 EKO.

EJC and EKO .

Congratulation to the new European Kendama Champion Nicolas Schopfer! A full review of the EKO is coming soon, but here is Void's review of the week.

---------->European Kendama Open 2011<--------- .

Facebook and Twitter .

BKA now has Facebook and Twitter accounts. Come and stick your social friend faces in our tweetspheres, if that's your sort of thing!

UK Southern Regional Competition .

The BKA is pleased to announce the first ever UK Southern Regional Competition. See the SRC page for details. Put October 30th in your diaries now!

New Oozora colours .

The JKA have just announced some new colours for the Oozora range. Presumably these replace the existing range (We know the light blue has already stopped production). From the google translation: "The technique is easy to do a variety of Kendama well-balanced.". We heard a rumour recently which suggests this might be a new paint finish, slightly grippier. Red, blue, yellow & grain. Expect to see them filtering in to your local supplier before too long.

Video of the week .

We're starting up a new feature at BKA - the Video Of The Week. To start off, we have a great offering by dutchkendama. Keep up to date on the forum's Video Of The Week board.

Kendama Forum! .

Well, we're not quite sure why it took us so long to get around to this, but the BKA is proud to announce that its new forum is now live! Head on over and join the clicking chat!

Collectors' stuff .

Goods From Japan have a couple of rare kendamas for the collectors amongst you. First of all, the Digi-ken is back, in a new guise as the G-Ken. Perhaps more exciting is the very limited quantity of original Sakuras they have sourced.

NAKO 2011 .

This year's North American Kendama Open is being held in Rochester, Minnesota as part of the IJA festival. Weds 20th July, 11am. Be there, and get your Speed Trick and your Best Trick hats on!

News roundup .

The location for the Rome battle is announced. Matt Hall has posted his photos from the BJC, including lots from the BKO, which start here. In video news, Guy Heathcote has released his follow up to Kendama Variations, ingeniously titled More Kendama Variations , featuring some new signature moves, with a little help from his friend Arthur. Keith Matsumura has some impressive moves in his 5th video. Four Japanese players are heading to the EJC for the EKO, so head along to see some 6th Dan action in person.

Rome and shoes .

Pavel has posted the tricks for the Kendama Roma battle on 23rd July, although we don't yet know the exact location. In other news, Mr Jumpshoe returns with his 5th edit, featuring yet more crazy-hard tricks. Marvel at him here!

New hosting - update bookmarks .

The BKA site has shifted its hosting, and we are now fully hosted on Please update your bookmarks if you have any of the pages saved. The old pages will remain online, but that version of the site will no longer be updated. This should mean a few improvements to the site in the not-to-distant future, so look out for that!

WJF, Czech Open, EKO .

Sorry for the quiet couple of weeks - we've been taking things a little easy since the BKO. But we're back to bring you news of the Czech Kendama Open Trick Ladder. Also very interesting to note is that kendama is breaking into the hallowed halls of the World Juggling Federation! See the competition page or the WJF7 site for more details. Plus, of course, a reminder to keep practising, and spreading the word about the European Kendama Open!

BKO photos .

There are a couple of galleries of pictures up from the BKO. Check out Mr. Jumpshoe's and Mirek's. If anyone else has more photos, please let us know!

BKO video and review .

The full review of the 2011 BKO is now up, here. You can also watch the video here! Many thanks to all who came.

New Champion .

Congratulations to the new British Kendama Champion, Matt! Full review of the BKO 2011 to follow soon.

Knees released! .

Void and Donald have now released their new book. Details are here!

Jumpshoe pegs it .

Mr Jumpshoe has released his Yumu promo video. Jolly neat it is too!

Another new kendama book! .

Void and Donald have done it again. Coming very soon....
Knees! Further adventures in kendama

Crazy trick from Lupin .

I'm sure you've all been wondering if a Suicide Tap 2-Turn Aeroplane is possible. Wonder no more!

Sunrise in flatland .

Oh my word. Jeffrey on killer form as usual.

Japan quake fundraiser comp, GA, USA .

Danny Mason is running a fundraiser kendama tournament on Saturday April 16th in Canton Georgia. The event will run from 2-6pm at Moe's Southwest Grill, 135 Reinhardt College Parkway, Canton, Ga 30114. Email for further info.

Disaster area .

Terrible news and unbelievable pictures coming out of Japan. The BKA sends its best wishes to all the kendama players, and everyone in the home of kendama. Donate at Global Giving.

New Zealand crew .

Kendama spreads around the world. A crew of lads from NZ have formed themselves into a team. Check out Beau-James' beautifully shot video. Keep it up guys!

A bit more Donald .

Donald's got a new video out, featuring some of his signature moves. Check out the Scottish skies!

Extra Spikey! Better paint .

For those of you who don't feel that a standard kendama offers enough complexity, Yumu kendamas have added the option of putting extra spikes on their model. No doubt influenced by the PAW prototype, the Taiwanese Yumu comes with one extra spike that can be inserted into any of the 3 cups. There is also an option to buy extra spikes if you want only spikey cups. The Yumu kendama is sold and distributed in Europe by Also new out there is the new model of the Sunrise kendama. After initial problems with a chipping paint on the prototypes, we've been particularly impressed by the quality and durability of paint on the new European-made model. The new models carry an EKA approved seal, for use in the BKO and EKO, and are in stock at Oddballs.

Upchuck jams .

There was a nice jam session with the kendama crew at the Bath Upchuck juggling festival last weekend. Looby hit a neat Hydra trick and Dave had fun with balances. Meanwhile, the BKO is closing in fast - time to start practising those tricklists, folks!

Tickets for BJC/BKO .

There's only a week left to buy your BJC tickets at the cheaper pre-registration prices. Head over to the BJC site before 28th February.

Ballring .

It was a great clicking day on Saturday when a whole bunch of kendama players met up just to jam. Jeffrey and David showed up from the Netherlands, plus Thomas and Daniella from Switzerland, and Mirek & Lucia from Czech Republic. Add to this home-grown players Mr Jumpshoe, Void, Jon, Ian, Ian, Jamie and Dave. Many tricks were swapped, a few games of TeamKD Battle were played, Void performed his cabaret kendama act in the evening show but mainly there was just a lot of kendama JAMMING. Thanks to everyone who showed up, especially those from so far away! Mirek's photos are here (flickr) or here (facebook).

Bird of Birds .

Mirek sends us news of a custom kendama, "Bird". Translation: "We heard you like Birds so we made Bird Kendama. Bird Kendama is unique custom kendama painted by our contributing artist Kateřina Vojkůvkova. This kendama is made of natural Ozora kendama. Only one piece have been made and will never be repeated. So we are offering you choice to buy unique piece of Kendama. We have agreed with Kateřina that she will made for us one Kendama each month. Bird Kendama is the first one. Bird kendama will be available on our shop from Wednesday 16th February (23:00 Central European time/14:00 Pacific Standard Time/6:00 China Standard Time). You have to be quick if you want this pearl.

Art Results .

Head over to the art competition page to read the results. Conratulations to the winners!

Art comp closed! .

The deadline for entering the art competition has passed. You can view all the entrants in the gallery here. Results will be announced on Feb 7th.

The last of the Art .

Kubo has sent us his entry for the artwork competition, a shot of his custom paint job Shin-Fujis.

Waiting for the kendama .

Some people have to work hard for their kendama. SP racked up his chores to earn himself a KD, but got a special custom job to tide him over.

Brum meet .

It looks like there's going to be quite a kendama crowd meeting up at the Birmingham juggling convention on Feb 12th. Head along for a clicker clique!

Paper kendama .

Chris sends us his entry for the art competition, Origami Kendama. Still a couple of weeks for the rest of you to enter.

Double Guy .

A double dose of Guy in the BKA inbox today. Firstly, he offers his entry to the art competition, The Great Kendama Battle. Next he offers us all "a moderately challenging sequence - Orbit The World. The idea is to do a regular Around The World, but do an orbit at each station. So, that's small-cup - orbit to small cup - large cup - orbit to large cup - base cup - orbit to base cup - spike - orbit around Earth Turn. Yeah, it's the last one that's tricky, but so is keeping the string from getting wound up." Thanks Guy - that should keep us all busy for a while.

New JKA website .

The JKA have revamped their website for the new year. There is an English version as well as the Japanese version. There is also an RSS feed if you want to keep up to date with the latest kendama news from Japan. However, if you don't speak Japanese, you'll probably have to rely on Google Translate!

EKO rules confirmed .

The rules are now available for the EKO 2011. (They are the same rules as the BKO 2011)

Cuppa dama? .

Raul says his entry to the art comp was inspired by Void's quote "put your kendama next to your kettle". Comp details here. Meanwhile the BKA wishes everyone a Clicky New Year!

Dutch damage .

Jeff's back with his number 25. Stormingly insane tricks as ever.

More art .

Howie enters the artistic fray with his entry. Think you can do better?

Around the Lighthouse .

It seems like barely a month goes by without a new 'Around...' trick coming along. Matt finishes his latest video with Around The Lighthouse! Good luck emulating his feat.

First art comp entry .

Here's the first competition entry, by Mark. Think you can do better?

Is kendama juggling? .

There's a poll out there for the Top 40 Jugglers of 2010. If you think kendama is juggling, then vote before Xmas!

Moshimoshimoshi .

News reaches us that at the recent Moshikame championships in Japan, 5 competitors reached the maximum time of 8 hours. Yes, 8 HOURS of moshikame! They would have gone on longer, but there is a time limit imposed for medical and practical reasons.

Jump the Shoe! .

Mr Jumpshoe returns with his Edit #4. Too many highlights to name, but lots of great variations and individual style, with a cool variety of locations, plus a classic blooper. We salute you, sir!

KendamArt competition .

Here's your chance to win a free copy of kendama book "Spike! Mastering the Kendama", plus some of the original artwork. See the artwork competition page for more details and how to enter.

English kendama book available now! .

The Void & Donald Grant's kendama book "Spike! Mastering the Kendama" is now available. See the book page for more details and how to order.

---------->European Kendama Open 2011<--------- .

The date for the European Kendama Open 2011 has been set at 10th August. EKO 2011 page.

English kendama book! .

Finally, there's going to be an English kendama book. It's at the printer's right now, and should be available very soon. Written by The Void and illustrated by Donald Grant, over 50 tricks are covered. Hold your breath... we'll let you know as soon as it's available.

Kendama battle in Taiwan .

There's going to be a kendama battle in Kaohsiung, Taian, on Dec 19th. Check out the promo video for details.

Kendama video competition - Winner announcement .

Head on over to the video competition page and scroll down for the results.

Video deadline .

Just 5 days left to get your entries in for the video competition.

Kendama dance! .

Youtube user hibarock posts this video of a duo kendama show. It's always nice to see ways of presenting kendama to an audience.

Moshi Kame championship .

The JKA are holding a moshi kame championship on November 14th. Last year two players reached 8 hours! Email K.Cima at Kendama Revolutions for more info.

Kendama video competition .

Win a free DVD in the BKA's new video competition. Anyone can enter! Runs until Nov 20th.

Pocket Tricklist updated .

The pocketmod trickist has been updated to include the 2011 tricks too. Go to the BKO 2011 page for the download link.

---------->British Kendama Open 2011<--------- .

We're pleased to announce the dates, tricks and rules for the BKO next year. Read it all on the BKO 2011 page.

Kentdama .

There's a new group of players out there in Kent, UK. Check out their Facebook page for details.

Czech Kendama Open .

The very first Czech kendama open will take place as a part of Prague juggling marathon 2010, which will take place at TJ Skokol Žižkov, Koněvova 19, Prague 3 at 13th of November. Contact for further details.
Meanwhile, the DVD is back up on ebay.

New DVD now on sale .

The new DVD "Kendama - First Clicks to Pro Tricks" is now on general sale. See the DVD page for details.

KC Winner II and Basic II .

Void posts his initial thoughts on two new Chinese kendama.

Stop kendama! .

Rats and mice are tedious creatures, but they have come together on vimeo to make a neat kendama vid. See the Rat Mice's creation here.

Wizardry .

Spotted in the wild, the Kendama Wizard! Where or when he may be seen in public, or what kenda-magic he might get up to, is a mystery to us.

Pics from EKO .

Marcus has posted his EJC pics. The kendama photos are on page 4.

European Kendama Open - Results and Video .

Read the review and watch the video of the EKO here! Then get ready for Munich next year.

European Championship 2010 .

There will be a European Kendama Championship on July 29th. It will be held in Finland at the European Juggling Convention.

Sunrise! .

There's a new model of kendama out there. The Sunrise comes in many nice colourways, including "stripe" variations. Currently available on the web via or Jugglestore.

Around Tunbridge Wells!!? .

Jon decided that there needed to be at least one more 'Around....' trick in the repertoire, so he came up with Around Tunbridge Wells. The race to complete it on camera starts here!

New DVD! .

There is a brand new kendama DVD out now: "Kendama: First Clicks to Pro Tricks". See a clip here and another one here.

BKO video .

The video from the BKO is now up. Watch it here.

Dutch results .

Results and review of the Dutch Championship are now up.

Dutch Open .

The Dutch comp has been confirmed for 11am, Saturday 15th May. Rules and format will be the same as the BKO.

Dutch meet .

We hear that there will be a kendama meet/competition at the Dutch juggling convention in Rotterdam soon.

Japan Tour Photos .

Emma has kindly sent through some of her photos of the day in Cardiff. See them here.

Kendama round the Bend .

Wabi Sabi, a store in Bend, Oregon, USA, is holding a competition on April 24th. See facebook page for more details.

Fak's fotos .

Lots of great pics of the comp from fak start on this page.

BKO 2010 Results .

Congratulations go to Void, Guy, Sam B., Donald, Matt B. and Jan for their performances in this year's BKO. Read the full story here.

------>2010 BKO Competition<------

------>Printable tricklist (pdf)<------

Sponsored .

This year the BKO has a new main sponsor in the shape of Additional sponsorship also comes from and Oddballs. Many thanks to all three!

Day tickets .

The BJC have now confirmed a day ticket price. This covers the BKO, the evening shows, and overnight camping (if you bring a tent).

Speedy Looby .

Looby's been practising. However, we hear that neither he nor his opponent in last year's final are going to be able to make it this time around, which leaves the field wide open. Get your skates on, folks!

One month .

Just one month to go until this year's BKO. Time to start running that tricklist once or more daily!

Yatterman 'dama .

Movie tie-in merchandising alert! Seems a bit pricey to us!

Bitter beans .

TSean's got some nice moves!

Competition Time .

The time of the 2010 BKO has now been confirmed as 2pm. Further details here!

Flash Bilboquet .

You've seen the flash kendama game - now here's the bilboquet version!

Biiiiiiiiiig kendama .

Okay, we've seen big kendama before, but this is just ridiculous. Did anyone ever spike it?

Cyrillic kendama .

We've just discovered a Russian kendama site. We've no idea what it says, but it seems quite extensive.

Youngest champion .

Here's a video featuring the youngest ever All Japan Kendama Champion. And a Clicky New Year to one and all!

Gifs for xmas .

The Tricks Page has been updated with links to many more of the JKA's gif animations.

Winner? .

Void posts his photo review of the Chinese kendama.

Wesley .

Wesley's 3rd edit is out there - lots of very nice transitions. 'Tube the KCNers here.

Donald .

A little video of Donald, from earlier in the year. Click for clicks!

Oooooooh Zora! .

David sent us through some lovely photos of Ozoras. Head to the galleries page to see them.

Transfer heaven .

Matt's back with a new edit on youtube. Chock full of monster transfers, and too many cool moves to mention, you must watch now!

Amsterdam-a! .

Void's been hanging out with Mr Spotlight in the Netherands for a few days. He brings back word that the Juggle-Store are now stocking JKA Ozoras and TK16s. The word is that there's a demon player out there by the name of Raoul too....

Orbit variations .

Mr Jumpshoe has been in touch with the BKA to show us his videos. We liked his orbit-haneken & orbit-earth turn variations. Surely there are many more waiting to be discovered? Go tube him!

Sander's Spectacular 7th .

Holy moly guacamole! Colin Sander's back with his most amazing edit yet. Get gobsmacked over at youtube!

Return of the pocketmod! .

We've updated fak's pocketmod for this year's tricklist. Get it here! Old and new lists, plus the STC, plus space for you to write your other favourite tricks down. Kendama homework in the pocket, Ahoy!

BKA at Matsuri, London .

The British Kendama Association will have a presence at the Japan Matsuri in Spitalfields market in London on September 19th. Come along and say hi, and have a click!

BKO video .

Watch the brand new video of all the BKO action here!

No Wii fun .

Wired reports that there was a working Wii prototype of a kendama game! What a shame it never made it to market.

JF tour reviews .

Read about the Glasgow show on BryOz's blog and the Cardiff show here.

BKO 2010 confirmed! .

We are pleased to announce the date for the 2010 BKO. It will be held on Friday 9th April at the BJC in Huddersfield. The rules & tricklists remain exactly the same as the 2009 competition. 7 months to practise. Get clicking!

Tour reminder .

jf tour
Last reminder
about the tour. Don't miss it!

The next BKO .

Plans are already afoot for the next BKO in 2010, probably April. You'll hear it here first!

New Champ! .

Congratulations to the new British Kendama Champion, Guy Heathcote! Read the full story on the BKO 2009 review page.

RSS feed! .

rss The BKA now has an RSS feed, to make it even easier for you to keep up with the latest kendama news. Click this link, or paste it into your favourite news reader.

UK Kendama and Edo-Daikagura tour .

We just heard that Yusuke Ito and Senwaka are touring the UK for a week from Aug 29th to Sep 6th. Don't miss it if you're anywhere nearby. Shows are free!
Meanwhile, less than 3 weeks to go until the BKO! Time to step up your practising, folks!

Silhouettes and extra balls .

Keen Mr Jellybean sent us some lovely silhouette shots he took in Wales. See them on the Galleries page. And Mr The Void has posted a little video clip of himself showing a nice little sequence with a KD and an extra ball.

Sander's back! .

Colin has been in touch with the BKA to let us know about a few new videos he's just put out. We particularly like the Black and White one.

Prizes! .

We know you're all only in it for the glory, but perhaps the sight of all the prizes that are up for grabs this year will spur you all on to put in a little extra practise. Meanwhile, an advance party from TeamKD is heading off to Glastonbury festival, so if you see some wandering Clickers, come and say hi!

Blast from the past on KTV .

Void has posted this 80s kendama video over on JTV, which now has a dedicated kendama channel!

More competitions .

We have news of more competitions for you. May 31st sees the All Japan Kendama Championship. We hope to be able to bring you the results of that. Also, TeamKD's Matt Hall will be running the first North American kendama competition (that we know of) at the IJA juggling festival on Tuesday 14th July at 11am. Get working on your Best Trick and your Speed Trick Challenge, folks!
And meanwhile, pre-registration tickets are now available for the BJC.

Kendamatty .

The fever continues to spread, and Kendamatty really has it bad. This one's a must-see.

World Kendama Open .

We have had confirmation that the World Kendama Open Festival will be on July 12th in Osaka, Japan. If anyone is interested in going, get in touch with the guys at Kendama Revolutions.

Lucky 7 .

So, can we interest anyone in a 7 Turn Aeroplane? Now that's what I'd call quite good!

Kendama School .

Here's the latest video from Matt & Void, "Kendama School". That's the beauty of kendama - there's always something new to learn!

New competition date confirmed! .

We are very pleased to announce our new, confirmed, date for the BKO. It will take place at 2pm on Friday 21st August at the British Juggling Convention in Norwich. All nationalities welcome! More details at the Comp '09 page.

Kendama Movie .

A seventies Japanese cartoon is being made into a live action movie! Get the lowdown over at

iPhone/Pod kendama .

We're sure you've all seen the online kendama game, but now here's a version for the iPod/iPhone. Free, and strangely addictive. Can you hit Clifftop?

Birds everywhere! .

Kendama Revolutions continues to put out trick after trick, but we were really blown away by this variation of Migration with lots of extra Bird turns, by Emperor. Wow! And did we mention... wow!
26/03/09 .

I'm not sure how we missed this site (It must have just popped up) , but US-based is a veritable online kendama superstore!

Kitchens, kettles and cuppas .

Void says: So you're having trouble with a particular trick? Here's how to crack it - Keep a kendama in your kitchen, and every time you want a cup of tea/coffee/milkshake/beer/whatever, only allow yourself to have one after you've done the trick. It's certainly helping my bamboo horse!

KenDEma! .

Sebastian has been in touch to tell us about the new German kendama site. Looks good to us so far!

BKO postponed. :-( .

It is with much regret that we have to announce that this year's British Kendama Open is going to have to be postponed. The British Juggling Convention, which was to be our venue, has had major problems with their site, and unfortunately they have made a last minute decission to postpone their event. This means that we do not have anywhere to hold our competition. We are exploring possibilities, but for now, we can only say that we hope the BKO might happen in either June or August. On the plus side, that gives you all more time to practise. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sponsored .

Our friends over at Oddballs have kindly agreed to sponsor the BKO this year, providing us with some lovely goodies as prizes. They've also updated their site so you can order online from them now.

World Open Kendama Festival .

The BKA are hearing that there will be a World Open Kendama Festival in Japan in July. More details and dates when we get them.

Sourcey .

Amren's has been in touch to tell us about his new kendama buyer's guide. He's certainly done his homework, so if you're in the market for a new KD, browse on over there.

Revolution! .

There's a new resource out there for those of you who just can't get enough tricks. Kendama Revolutions is a new site with the mission statement: "We want to archive thousands of Kendama tricks as videos." Thanks to K-CIMA for letting us know about it!

Further! .

Oh dear. A little guilt at not practising hard enough is sweeping over us in BKA-land, having seen a new video by Kendamatty. Inspirational. Meanwhile, the wonder of Google Translate tells us that there was a little competition in the Czech republic last Saturday. Congratulations to David.

Full on .

TeamKD were filming for a new project last week (all very hush-hush at the moment), but this video by Joe has been keeping us mightily amused since then. Meanwhile, we're glad to observe that The Word has spread as far as Lithuania.

Winning secrets .

The Void has written a few words on his tips for BKC success. Read them here.

Tricklist videos .

The 2009 tricklist videos are out now. See the 2009 competition page to watch them.

Tricklist announced .

The official tricklists for the 2009 BKO are out now. Head on over to the 2009 competition page for all the details. Start practising now, folks!

KDs in shops! .

It should now be easier for you to find a kendama in a shop near you. Many skate shops are now stocking the Yomega Star Catch, as are Oddballs, who have also just started stocking JKA kendamas.

BKC 2009 .

Next year's Kendama Championships will take place on Friday 17th April, as part of the British Juggling Convention. The big change this time is that the competition will be an Open: all nationalities are welcome to compete! More news next week.

The next comp .

Preparations are being made for next year's British Kendama Championships. There'll be a few changes, to keep things interesting. Watch this space!

Poland and Flickr .

The march across Europe seems relentless. We've just had word of a new Polish kendama site. No idea what it all says, but they gave us a link, so we're sure they're ace.
If you're the type that loves to gaze longingly at kendamas all day long, then you'll be pleased to hear that there's now a Flickr kendama pictures pool to feast your eyes upon.

China .

There's got to be a lot of players in China, right? Well, we're sure there will be soon after the recent launch of this new Chinese site. Of course, we have no idea what's actually written there, but we're sure it's all Good Stuff!

European invasion .

The kendama craze is poised to sweep across Europe: Following on from news of a Danish group of players, and after the EKO, there are now new kendama websites for German and Czech kendama players too. Also, watch this space for news of a new UK stockist.

Video: EKO .

There's now a video available of all the action from the EKO. Head over to JTV to view it.

E.K.Over! .

A great time was had at the first ever EKO. Head on over to the review page for the story & results.

Bilbonkers .

If you go down in the woods today, look out for some funny looking mushrooms. No side cups here.

Harder tricks! .

We now have an Advanced tricks page, for those of you who want a challenge, and also we've finished putting up the rest of the JKA skill level tables. Head on over to the Tricks page for all this marvellous goodness. Not long now until the EKO. Get clicking, guys and gals!

Hong Kong's happening... .

Some fantastically filmed skillful clicking is coming out of Hong Kong. Have a gander at Kendama Edit 2 part 1 if you don't believe us....

EKO is go go go! .

The European Kendama Open is now fully confirmed. See the EKO page for more details

Denmark calling... .

We hear there is an enthusiastic group of kendama players in Copenhagen. Check them out on facebook.

European Kendama Open! .

Plans are afoot for a European kendama meet/competition. Stay tuned for more info. (And be here on the Tuesday....)

More Sakura .

A couple of pics from (I think) the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC.

Got rhythm .

Clicketty click! Kendama as percussion instrument on youtube.

BJC/BKC Video .

Far away? In another country? Couldn't come? You can now watch a video compilation of all the kendama action at the BJC here.

Passing through Hanoi? .

Anyone in Vietnam this Saturday might like to know that the Japanese Sakura (Cherry blossom) festival will feature "Kendama ball throwing"! Check out this link for more info.

TeamKD expands .

TeamKD welcomes Donald Grant into their ranks. Head to the TeamKD page for more info, and expect to see some of Donald's inventive tricks on video soon!

BKC review! .

You can now read a full review of the competition here. Pictures are up on the gallery page.

BKC results posted .

The full results from the BKC are now available here. Full review to follow.

BKC newsflash .

The first British Kendama Championships was a resounding success, with a strong showing from TeamKD. The newly crowned British Kendama Champion is The Void. Full results and lots of pics to follow shortly.

Jive! To survive! .

TeamKD have been training hard, going above and beyond the call of duty to bring you this fab new video. Quite frankly, we don't even know why you're wasting your time reading the rest of this paragraph when you could be downloading it now!

More tricks! .

The tricks page has been updated with a list of 100 tricks, and the JKA beginner's skill level table. The TeamKD page has also been updated, amongst rumours that the boys are bringing a new video out very shortly. Watch this space!

New video: Speed Trick Challenge .

Have a looksee at this kendama video of The Void demonstrating the Speed Trick Challenge. Further details of this comp have been added to the Competition page.

New pages! .

The Anatomy page has been updated, the Benefits page has been created, and since we'd been asked, a clarification to the BKC rules has been added to the Competition page. Just over a month left for practising, folks!

New Site for a New Year .

It's been party time here at the BKA as we've been celebrating the launch of our new look website for 2008. We've been working hard to pack the new site with lots of fresh content to ensure that the BKA remains the best English language kendama site on the web. In particular check out the great new videos section on our links page, new photos in the gallery and throughout the site, and brand new sections on both the anatomy of kendama and also the BKA's very own TeamKD, not to mention all the recent news updates. So take a look around, drop us a line and keep on clicking!

Speed Trick Challenge .

As officially announced onstage at Chocfest, the Speed Trick Challenge will be running parallel to the main British Kendama Championships. The idea: complete the first 10 tricks on the tricklist, in order, in as fast a time as possible. If you miss a trick, you just keep going until you hit it. Get practising folks - how fast can you get? Meanwhile, anyone for a game of Unicorns?

Tricklist on tour .

The Void will be attending some juggling conventions in the next few weeks, and running a kendama workshop in the BKC tricklist (See Competition page). So get yourselves along to Chocfest in York, the Ballring in Birmingham, or NAJC3 in Nottingham for some live top tips.

Master & the new kid .

The BKA was delighted to be able to attend the Scottish Juggling Convention this last weekend, where we got the chance to meet up again with our mentor Matt Hall, without whom there simply would be no BKA. Many tricks were swapped, and jaws were dropped. Check out Azrelle's photos from the kendama workshop (click 'next' a few times). Also in attendance was ace young juggler, and classy kendama clicker Tom Derrick, whose rockin' Lighthouse variations, amongst myriad other tricks, ensured he was sharply snapped up into the ranks of TeamKD. Welcome aboard, Tom!

Vidmania! .

More kendama videos have been released to usher in the new year. Firstly, TeamKD player Guy Heathcote has thrown lots of new crazy trick ideas together in Kendama Variations. As if that weren't enough to keep you busy, you can also see the whole of TeamKD in action at BoB juggling convention in Kendama-go-go. More updates soon....

Pocketmod Tricklist .

Can't remember the BKC tricklist for your practice sessions? Fakoriginal has sent us this uberneat little origami list that you can print out and fold away into your pocket (The folding instructions are even printed on it). Now you never need pause to figure out what number 16 was again. Nice one that Fak!

Videodama .

The past few weeks have been busy here at the BKA and has seen the release of two new Kendama videos. Two weeks have now passed since the release of the Kendama Tribe Video and today sees the release of the 2008 BKC Tricklist Video. If you haven't already done so then check them out today... The competition's hotting up!

1st British Kendama Championships .

The BKA are delighted to announce the first ever British Kendama Championships which will be held on the 29th of March 2008 at the Doncaster Dome as a part of the British Juggling Convention. This is a very exciting development for the UK Kendama scene, so don't forget to keep checking the BKA site for updates on what is already shaping up to be a great event. The countdown begins, 138 days until the 1st ever British Kendama Champion is crowned victorious. It could be anyone, even you, so grab that Kendama, bend those knees and get practicing! We'll see you in March...

Kendama World goes Live .

The BKA headquarters have been filled with excitement since we found out last week that actual Japanese Kendamas were going to be available in the UK. Well, we're pleased to announce that as of today has gone live providing a valuable resource for anyone in the UK interested in Kendama. Currently stocking The TK16, Mugen 3 and Sakura models from Japan and also the Yomega Star catch this could easily be the best news for UK players we've ever heard... so go check it out!!

Breaking News .

We at the BKA have just recieved news of a new webstore dedicated to Kendama which is due to open up in the UK sometime in the not too distant future. Rumour has it that the Yomega Starcatch is already in stock and a reliable importer for all the main japanese models has been found and an order placed, meaning that the gears have well and truly been set in motion! This is fantastic news as being able to buy the Japanese models direct from the UK will be a major boost to all UK players. We'll do our best to keep you up to date on the progress of this development and will of course be linking directly to the site as soon as it's up and running, so keep checking back!!

BKA Site Launch! .

The brand new British Kendama Association website is here! Comitted to spreading the game of kendama in the UK, consider the BKA your first stop for all things Kendama. In the future the BKA hopes to bring both demos and competitions to the UK and also, perhaps most importantly, a reliable source of good quality Kendama's available within Britain! We'll do our best to keep you updated as and when any progress is made...

TeamKD Takeover! .

TeamKD is the official BKA demonstration team and is not only the Number One Kendama team in the UK but is also the only team currently to receive sponsorship from the BKA!